Scale Weigh Ticketing

Cloud-Based Ticketing & Operations Platform

Truck scale ticketing designed for Microsoft Windows 10, Android/iOS, and the web. Our applications are simple to use, touch-enabled, & backed up in the cloud, ensuring your tickets never go unaccounted for again.

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* Real-time ticket/order data delivery.

* Billing & accounting system integrations.

* Simple to use Windows 10 scale application.


Fast-Weigh 10

Truck ticketing & material management

Fast-Weigh is an end-to-end management suite for material haulers & producers.

All data can be viewed in real-time via our centralized web portal. This means all of your ticket data from all locations is immediately accessible from anywhere using any device! Fast-Weigh ticketing supports scale PCs, unattended kiosks, and even mobile app ticketing.

Fast-Weigh 10 features:

  • Real-time data
  • Centralized web portal
  • Windows 10 scale ticketing application
  • Mobile ticketing for Android
  • Invoicing & billing
  • Accounting integration
  • Job & customer quoting
  • And more!
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Manage your...

Load Tickets / Customers / Orders / Accounts / Billing / Products / Trucks / Locations / Haulers / Quarries / Delivery Locations / Tax Codes / Tare History / Dirt Pits / Ticket Revisions / Billing Terms / Active Devices / Truck Scales / Reporting / External Tickets / Invoices / User Roles / Credit Status / Product Pricing / Pricing Levels / Reconciliation / And more!

All from our Fast-Weigh truck ticketing platform!

ADMS Platform

GPS ticketing & load tracking

Our powerful automated debris management system allows users to track material loading & unloading in real-time.

Define work orders, set up crews, and track material using our cloud based web portal and Android or iPhone devices. Our ADMS tracking platform allows for flexibility in job scope & definition, as well as in-depth data reporting.

ADMS platform features:

  • Real-time data
  • Centralized web portal
  • Work order tracking
  • Mobile ticketing for Android & iPhone
  • In-depth data reporting
  • Crew registration
  • GPS load/unload data
  • And more!
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What sets us apart?


Real-time data, accessible anywhere

Gone are the days of chasing paper tickets. All of your local data is backed up in the cloud. You can access it anytime, from anywhere, and using any device. Define distict account roles to keep sensitive data like pricing and customer information secure.

First class support

Our support team is staffed by problem solvers. If you run into any issues using one of our products, we are always just a call, click, or message away!


Focus on effeciency

We design our truck ticketing & ADMS platforms to be powerful on the backend, and easy to use on the frontend. Implementing our software is remarkably easy, and our engineers are always available for in-depth training sessions.

Powerful data insights

Our built-in reporting tools make your data instantly structured and usable. Explore your resources, production numbers, and even real-time billing information. Our reporting platform also integrates with Microsoft Excel to make diving deeper into your numbers a breeze!

Want to Learn More?

We'd love to discuss your company's needs and give you an in-depth demo of our products. We thrive on solving our customers problems and keeping business and data flowing smoothly.

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